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Laboratory for immunology and cellular biotechnology

Major areas of research:
1. study of immune disorders in the patients with infectious, oncological and autoimmune diseases;
2. dendritic cell-based treatment of cancer and chronic infections, including multi-drug resistant tuberculosis;
3. the use of tolerogenic dendritic cells in the therapy of type 1 diabetes mellitus;
4. basophil activation test (BAT) in the diagnostics of pollen and drug allergy;
5. maintenance and replenishment of cryobank containing human and animal-derived cell lines (55 lines in February 2015);
6. study of human olfactory epithelium-derived stem and progenitor cells and itsí use in the regenerative medicine;
7. estimation of immunomodulatory drug efficacy using cell lines of lymphoid and myeloid origin as experimental models.

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